Video: Cities Aviv, “URL IRL”

The rapper/producer and his crew invade an art space, and look like a good Tumblr.

- Dec 11, 2013

We're at a gallery show. Or is it your Tumblr dashboard? Cities Aviv, rapper/producer from Memphis, merges the two in “URL IRL,” with a crew dressed looking like a post with fifty stacks of reblogs. Are they part of the exhibit, or just exhibitionists? Their corner is inside and near the prosciutto with melon. Don't step to them or they'll lay you out with an unflattering Instagram shot. You're entering the part of the art space reserved for people who are Twitter-friendly with the Sad Boys: load up the app on your iPhone (4s or higher) for verification.

Cities Aviv's Come to Life is out January 28th on Young One Records.


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