Video: BC Kingdom, “Lock Up”

Even prisoners in the future have exes.

- Dec 9, 2013

Hood Futurism compiles science-fiction's often-overlooked influence on hip-hop and R&B, and it's my favourite new Tumblr in a minute. They'll have their hands full with “Lock Up,” the video for BC Kingdom's single which appeared on Solange's Saint Heron compilation. We're treated to a vision of solitary confinement in the year 3000's fanciest prison, and the good news is that there's still face tattoos and Missy Elliot suits. And it also sounds like murderous sub-bassy trip-hop is still in style. There may not be a cure for exes, but maybe that's because it helps inspire such frigid and lush sounds like these.

Saint Heron is out now.

BC KINGDOM - "Lock Up" - Official Music Video

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