Video: Big Baby Gandhi, “Boomerang”

The rapper pops out of retirement to promote his last album.

- Dec 3, 2013

This generation's going to end up retiring much later than our parents, but Big Baby Gandhi doesn't play by prevailing economic trends. DEBUT will be his first full-length and probably his last - the rapper/producer retired in January, deleted his Twitter in August, and surrendered his Tumblr to a car mat spam bot. Perhaps that's why his “Boomerang” video feels like something more than your garden piece of outsider rap.

He had some buzz, surrendered it, and now he's rapping by himself in the rain, fashioning a toy airplane into a knuckle ring for a slightly melancholy piece of jewellery, and becoming a walking blob of datamoshed dad clothes, like he never existed outside the internet in the first place. The bare honesty of the lyrics extends to the charm of the thrift store Casio beat, and you can hear it in the clip below, directed by Jack Furtado and Noah Eisenbruch.

Big Baby Gandhi's DEBUT is out this Friday.


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