Video: Mogwai, “The Lord Is Out Of Control”

Beguiling and inspired, like the music itself.

- Dec 2, 2013

Stop harassing your next door neighbour. That pile of conch shells on his front yard is his Stonehenge. He's searching for meaning in the world by shaping it, so who cares if it clashes with your suburb's designated lawn agreements. Mogwai's new video for “The Lord Is Out Of Control” is about people either engaging with their own designs or searching for it, in nature and other human creators. From the volcanoes of Hawaii to its lapping shores, and into some fevered brain's plans for mounting masks, each method is beguiling and inspired.

Mogwai's Rave Tapes is out January 21st via Sub Pop. Pre-order here.

Mogwai - "The Lord is Out of Control" (Official Video)

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