Video: Doomsquad, “Ovoo”

The Toronto/Montreal electro group shows you how to massage nature's holy love buds in the 21st century.

- Nov 27, 2013

You want to start performing rituals in the forest, but you're slightly disgusted by nature. Don't worry, Doomsquad are here to teach you how to pagan the right way in their “Ovoo” video. No more calling everything that brushes against your arm poison ivy, or constantly waving your hands to catch spider webs that aren't there. The Montreal/Toronto electro new age wildlings show you how to pay homage to the Mistress of Soil without getting your hands dirty in a demonstration of their own series of mysterious forest tours. Prices for adults start at one warm glass of goat's milk and a subway token. Chris Boni directs.

Doomsquad's "Ovoo/The Cools" single dropped yesterday via Hand Drawn Dracula. Their debut LP, Kalaboogie, will be out in February, 2014.

Doomsquad - Ovoo

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