Video: Walter TV, “Paranormal Witness”

Touring Iceland with 3D groupies, plus, an inside look at the making of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

- Nov 21, 2013

Wowee Walter TV, please never stop sending us dispatches from your crazy lives. I'm just boiling with jealousy over your excursions to Iceland's Blue Lagoon (where's the hecking heat in this office?!) as well as your ability to woo 3D babes/skeletons out of Tumblr and into your home studio. You've figured out a way to make tour videos interesting again: by not making it clear that it's a tour video until just now, as I'm writing this. Also, thanks for including some of that making-of footage from those Ninja Turtles movies! I can rest easier now that I'm certain that crime fighting shell dudes are not real, just animatronic horrors.

Walter TV's BLESSED is out “soon” on Walter Records. Read our UNCHARTED with the boys here.

Walter TV Paranormal Witness

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