video: Yeasayer, “Glass Of The Microscope”

The Brooklyn band become molecular biologist.

- Oct 16, 2013

Having a passion for science is a curse for the first eighteen years of a child's life. You spend the entire time being told that if you don't find it difficult - which it is for every decent person - you'll never make friends or get laid. But science didn't become obsolete when they invented boner pills. Following through with a career in science could land you in place like the tower of Naturalis, where Yeasayer shot their video for “Glass Of The Microscope.” Ruben van Leer, the clip's director, also took the band to the lab of molecular biologist Hans Tanke, where they gaze into swirling galaxies and crystal cities. van Leer has some big ideas about the video's concept; read them over at Wired.

Fragrant World is out now on Secretly Canadian.

Yeasayer - Glass of the Microscope (Official Video)

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