video: Jorge Elbrecht feat. Caroline Polachek, “I.V. Aided Dreams”

Elbrecht's latest collab pulls the vocalist from Chairlift.

- Oct 16, 2013

Jorge Elbrecht's 7" with Ariel Pink sounded like how those fake butter commercials make their product look. Not just better than butter, but the next stage of butter. It was the first in Elbrecht's series of one-off collaborations, and now a single with Caroline Polachek of Chairlift called Gloss Coma is next, out now via Mexican Summer. Below is a video for “I.V. Aided Dreams,” starring Petra Collins and India Menuez as alternative synchronized swimmers who aren't going to let a drained pool get in the way of practice.

Jorge Elbrecht featuring Caroline Polachek - I.V. Aided Dreams [Official Video]

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