video: Iowa band Giving Up get “Overdressed In Underwear”

Desperation as told through occasionally Afropoppy lo-fi.

- Oct 9, 2013

Some days, you'll walk in front of your window wearing nothing but your big cereal-eating shirt or last week's boxers, and present your slobbish figure to the neighbourhood. And you'll feel like you're doing them all a favour. This kind of desperation and showmanship is all over Giving Up's new song “Overdressed In Underwear.”

At first, it might seem like the Iowa three-piece could have written the song in the time it takes to unwrap and heat a Hot Pocket, burn your mouth on it, then start over. But give it a minute: the listless slacker vibes soon pull the blinds up for some frantic sunlight, and even collides with an Afropop breakdown. It's that numb feeling you got when you spilled ice cream on the ground and put it back in the bowl, articulated through early '90s lo-fi with the Internet-era's magnification of influence. But still, it tastes pretty good, right?

Buy the Giving Up/Saralee split cassette here via Sophomore Lounge Records.

-via TMT

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