video: Pure Bathing Culture, “Dream The Dare”

The Roman bathhouse pop group get weird about birds.

- Oct 7, 2013

Ravens are nature's drones. They perform reconnaissance for powerful entities that preside over us (ancient gods, government, same thing), and probably have souls hidden away behind their black, all-seeing eyes. Hayley Morris has a more benevolent take on the creature, the star of her stop-motion video for Pure Bathing Culture's “Dream The Dare,” a song you might have heard drifting serenely through a Roman bathhouse. Sez Morris to Gorilla Vs Bear:

“My motivations were to employ this very loaded character as a muse – the creator and voyeur of my world(s). The bird operates as a gilded vessel of promise and adventure, the mystic with whom we fly...The video was created all in camera and animated frame by frame with hand-drawn projected animations...I wanted these projections to further the life of the world, and to leave the viewer wondering whether the hypnotic patterns are of this world or how the Raven sees it.”

Watching this video marks the second time today I've thought about how weird birds are. Pure Bathing Culture's Moon Tides is out now.

Pure Bathing Culture - Dream The Dare (Official Music Video)

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