video: Mac Demarco gets marooned in Walter TV’s “Puka Shell Necklace”

Riding the rascal wave!

- Oct 2, 2013

Remember how a lot TV shows would feature “surfing episodes” about giant waves that the riders just had to conquer? For “Pukka Shell Necklace,” Walter TV aim to conquer such sinister tubage, but end up in a Lord Of The Flies-type situation where only a certain piece of mall jewelry can restore order. It's so good, you're allowed to say “yeah, mon” once unironically, in your room, alone, with the doors and windows shut. Then, watch Walter TV frontman Pierce McGarry's video for Mac Demarco's “She's Really All I Need” (one of the best of 2012), and read their sandy-knee slappin' edition of Uncharted.

Walter TV's new record Blessed is out October 31st on Walter Records.

Walter Tv - Puka Shell Necklace (OFFISH VID!)

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