video: Autre Ne Veut, “Ego Free Sex Free”

Where's Waldo? gets the classy

- Sep 24, 2013

I know that rich people get strange behind those expensive doors. I've watched Eyes Wide Shut with my eyes wide open. And now Allie Avital Tsypin is showing us another side of that finely tailored weirdness in her video for Autre Ne Veut's “Ego Free Sex Free.” The men strut around a ballroom like stiff G.I. Joes, the women move with a loosey goosey airheadedness, and no one really pays much attention to anyone. Except Mr. Veut, who refuses to abide by traditional patriarchal roles and tuxedos. See if you can spot him; it's a bit like “Where's Waldo” if Waldo got himself a fly-ass suit and traipsed around listlessly, as you might on the Titanic.

Autre Ne Veut's Anxiety is out now via Mexican Summer/Software.

Autre Ne Veut - Ego Free Sex Free - Art + Music - MOCAtv

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