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[video] Jessy Lanza, “Kathy Lee”

Smouldering, super-personal R&B.

- Jun 28, 2013

Jessy Lanza isn't wholly a part of the R&B revival, and that's to her advantage. While she probably rocked to Aaliyah and R. Kelly just as hard as Jessie Ware and Twigs, “Kathy Lee” has an endorphin rush of DIY coursing through the sparse production. Springy basslines and a barely restrained, smouldering essence float over the gem-box's worth of twinkling, shimmering synths. It's a testament to the song's strength that despite the pop influences, it almost feels like we're walking in on someone dancing in the mirror.

The video channels this, cutting between the artist and “Jed the dancing guy” both enjoying the song in their own worlds, Lanza alone and lost in hers and Jed boogying down the street. “Kathy Lee” speaks to your confidence, whether it rarely comes or is always there.

Pull My Hair Back, Lanza's first album for Hyperdub, is out September 10th.

Jessy Lanza: Kathy Lee (Hyperdub 2013)

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