[video] AlunaGeorge, “You Know You Like It”

They have a 100% real fun time at a cool party!

- Jun 13, 2013

Are pool parties ever anything but forced? When you're younger they're just a method of tricking kids into exercising and socializing simultaneously, with the added bonus of potential drowning. So in a sense, London's AlunaGeorge are staying true to that spirit in “You Know You Like It,” a revamped video for the duo's first single. A drained pool is ground zero for a contrived, high-fashion yard-stomping, where everyone smiles like they've been up all night studying up on good fun party times, and the video set's the exam. For a pop dance party with actual personality, try Ciara's “Body Party.” AlunaGeorge's Body Music is out July 29th.

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