[video] Young Galaxy, “New Summer”

Just your everyday apocalypse.

- Jun 10, 2013

Hey. It's a “New Summer.” And Young Galaxy really, really want you to leh-heve like it's your last one. Since human beings will almost definitely expedite our world's plunge into a hellish oblivion, you should live in the unseasonably hot present, because the apocalypse that this music video depicts could happen at any moment, probably. How many nukes are there, again? It's all very compelling, with the presence of ordinary human life making it all the more ominous, especially during that freeway scene. I'm pretty sure it's just clips from The Matrix Reloaded, but they're made a lot more terrifying with a gigantic mushroom cloud unfurling in the background. The very goodprobably more depressing than I originally though Ultramarine is out now.

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