[video] Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “From The Sun”

The director of The Comedy revisits the primal behaviour of the hip.

- May 29, 2013

The crowd which attacks the performance art that forms the centrepiece of Rick Alverson's video for Unknown Mortal Orchestra's “From The Sun” could be disciples of Tim Heidecker's hipster in Alverson's 2012 film The Comedy. The crowd operates on a smaller and more limited scale to Heidecker's character, whose boorish antics aren't confined to an ostensibly sanctioned arena. Both try to elicit a response with shocking and virulent behaviour. But the crowd are faced with a blank human canvas, whose non-responsiveness only increases their ferocity. It's not entirely soulless, though: one girl seems rattled by the experience. The artist certainly is. II is out now.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "From The Sun" (Official Video)

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