[listen/watch] Holy Ghost, “Dumb Disco Ideas”

It's not dumb.

- May 14, 2013

Holy Ghost are probably well aware that the timing to release a new single is a little bit weird. But the disco world can handle for two long awaited comebacks, especially if at least one of the groups aren't robots.

“Dumb Disco Ideas” might be a reference to writer's block, or creative monotony. “Painting by numbers and it's going south,” and needing “water for the summer drought” as well as the extended (unedited?) run time could be indirect reference to these kinds of pitfalls. Thing is, they're still just references. The duo have conjured a mini-opera of gleaming discosity with several interlocking emotional paths, brought to you by voice-boxes and twinkling arpeggios. It's totally not dumb! Talk about your misnomers, DFA Recordings.

Holy Ghost! "Dumb Disco Ideas" (Official Video)

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