[video] Young Galaxy, “Fall For You”

Laser bombarded faces sing the songs of surreal IKEA catalogues.

- May 13, 2013

We've come a long way in accepting lasers into our everyday lives. First they were confined to the hermetic communities of scientists and aliens wearing the skins of scientists, and now you can hardly make a piece of toast without activating one of those radioactive waves of whatever. And thank god, because it's through this ease of access that we can get videos like Young Galaxy's goopily beautiful “Fall For You,” which features laser-bombarded faces as the centrepieces in a world that looks like an IKEA catalogue that's been rendered into 3D and infected with several viruses.

The band's new album Ultramarine is out now. As a bonus, we've included Carine Khalife's award winning video for “Blown Minded” from Young Galaxy's previous LP Shapeshifting. The animation was produced entirely by Khalife, “...and is comprised of oil paint on glass photographed above from a camera.” It's nuts. Read her statement on it here.

Young Galaxy - Fall For You (Official Music Video)

BLOWN MINDED from Carine Khalife on Vimeo.

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