[video] Iron and Wine, “Joy”

Jump into a gorgeously animated boreality.

- Apr 12, 2013

On April 16th Sam Beam's Iron and Wine project will release Ghost on Ghost, the only jazz-folk album with an album title capable of turning on spirits. Though it's about a reciprocated love, “Joy” is still allows some numbing cynicism to shroud the ecstasy. “Born bitter as a lemon but you gotta understand that you're bringing me joy.” Beam's admittedly “troubled heart” prevents him from losing himself completely, but he altruistically allows us and our companions to through his sound. Upright bass notes glow like embers and guitars crackle and spark, weaving a windswept boreality that's caught at some eternal magic hour. The video, directed by Hayley Morris, was animated by “projecting hand-painted water color animations into stop-motion landscapes.” It's very gorgeous. Watch below:

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