[video] Grave Babies, “Skulls”

The Seattle band are post-punk, but don't call them that, for some reason.

- Feb 26, 2013

According to their press kit on Hardly Art Records, Seattle's Grave Babies “claim zero allegiance to the gloomy canon to which [their] music is often compared,” the canon existing in such realms as “ Gothic, dark, spooky, post-punk.” These comparisons can't bother them too much, because as of press time they're still called Grave Babies, their new video is still called “Skulls,” and yes, the song still sounds like a disgruntled druid getting plunged into a well of foundry-level guitar buzz. We dig it, but let's call a spade a spade, especially when that spade is being used to exhume the corpse of post-punk, by a band called Grave Babies.

For more not-at-all gloomy, dark or post-punk fun, watch the video below. It's shot in black-and-white, features a guy literally turning into a flower child, as well the band's vocalist wandering around a concrete jungle. The band's debut Crusher is out now.

Grave Babies - "Skulls" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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