[video] Hibou Blaster, “A Very Unusual Map”

Cute as heck critters dance to emotive ambient electro.

- Jan 30, 2013

Vimeo's “Staff Picks” are reliably appetizing buits of eye-candy, but there's something about French producer Hibou Blaster's “A Very Unusual Map” that really tugs at the heartstrings, both visually and sonically. Loup Blaster directs and animates a bunch of adorable creatures having a dance party on top of maps and flitting shapes and lines, while the lush sounds both twinkle with an aquamarine incandescence and lurch like a throat gargling computer chips. Each element of the song orbits each other tightly, defying overstimulation with taut orchestration and wilting emotion, the sort that can only come from digital transmissions. The synchronicity evokes transmissions you might pick up on a secret radio frequency - looped patterns at regular intervals that contain tantalizing secrets in its code.

Hibou Blaster / A Very Unusual Map / Official music video from BBBlaster on Vimeo.

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