[video] The Men rock through “Electric” at a gig in London

Live videos can still be fun, I guess!

- Jan 28, 2013

It was hard to capture an image from The Men's “Electric” video. Shot in June at one of their famously chaotic gigs, the cameras are constantly jostled by moshing kids and occasionally band members. But that's nothing compared to the blown-out sound of their garage rock that's likely shredding the ear drums of everyone at that venue, and possibly on the street as well. And in spite of it looking and sounding like any number of live videos of the band you could find on YouTube, it works. Or maybe, because all of those reasons. Who knows. But it looks and sounds like a lot of fun, so it's remaining true to the spirit of the band.

The band's new album New Moon is out March 5th via Sacred Bones.

The Men "Electric" Live in London (Official Video)

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