[video] Dutch Uncles – “Flexin’”

Won't u take me 2...INDIETOWN.

- Jan 15, 2013

Do your band's music videos need big budgets if one of you can dance like this guy? No. Absolutely not. In fact, every dollar spent taking your video further away from the freakish majesty of “Flexin'”from Dutch Uncles is a dollar wasted. The group's frontman Duncan Wallis dances with zeal for the full three minutes, energized by a pop song that rises like a Phoenix (kill me). He's pulling the sort of dance moves the nerd does at the movie's climax to win the girl, beat the bully, and save the mountain. It might be easier for you if I referenced that scene from Napoleon Dynamite, but we're all lessened when that movie is mentioned.

Out of Touch in the Wild is out now via Memphis Industries.

Dutch Uncles - "Flexxin" (Official Music Video)

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