[video] How to destroy angels_, “The loop closes”

Yelling their way out of a VHS hell.

- Jan 10, 2013

How to destroy angels_ are getting all Poltergeist (or The Ring, depending on how old you are) for the self-directed “The loop closes” video, featuring the band stuck in a strobing monitor as ghostly VHS footage intercuts their singing. The first two minutes of the song plays like a melted DAT tape from Reznors The Fragile sessions, especially when his voice breaks the silence. Though it morphs into a HTDA song when Mariqueen Maandig's familiar wail joins the conclusion, for a digitized banshee wail of mainframe melting despair. The band's An omen_ EP is out now via Columbia.

How to destroy angels_ "The loop closes" from How To Destroy Angels on Vimeo.

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