[video] Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory, “Spectral Split”

Ringing in your ears that you'll actually enjoy.

- Jan 9, 2013

Electronic artist Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory, enthusiasts of all ringing things, have released a video for their exultant and grand dance track “Spectral Split.” It's an effusive and grand performance that would double nicely as immersion therapy for anyone with a bell phobia. Seriously, there's at least 50 of them onstage. It'll probably be the first time you ever danced to bells ringing out since that one time the church down the street decided to make their mass "a little funky." The Du Prince/Laboratory collaborative LP Elements of Light is out now via Rough Trade.

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory- "Spectral Split" (Official Music Video)

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