[video] Death Grips release short film for “Come Up And Get Me”

A hotel becomes the band's surreal stomping grounds.

- Jan 4, 2013

During their self-imposed label exile, Death Grips spent two months at the swanky Chateau Marmont, a building long-rumoured to be haunted, and which drummer Zach Hill claimed “...was talking to us on a minute-to-minute basis.” Their video for “Come Up And Get Me” is an extended, predominantly wordless conversation with the hotel, starring Stephen Burnett as Jack Torrence in the band's own version of The Shining. On stage, Burnett performs like a man possessed, but in a building that's thought to contain the sort of unknowable dark energy that Death Grips' sound and stage presence seem based on, his irrational behaviour takes shape, is given context. Thanks to this admittedly oblique character study that comprises the first nine minutes, we get a glimpse of the headspace the band was in for two months; of their beguiling careers, process, and the forces that seem to guide them.

Death Grips "COME UP AND GET ME"


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