[video] Velour – “Speedway”

Julio Bashomore and Hyetal's dance project returns in style.

- Jan 3, 2013

After producing Jessie Ware and some very excellent solo credits, Julio Bashomore closed off 2012 with a starting pistol bang, resuscitating the long dormant Velour, his disco-house project with producer Hyetal. “Speedway” isn't a gate-crashing return that's meant to dominate upcoming DJ mixes; it knows it can control your attention just by lingering at the back of the club. It may be more of a cooly reserved shuffle than a floor-shaking dance number, but it is intent on helping you have a good time: Each sweet synth line is dolloped on top of each other like layers of icing, while disco drums tap out your new pulse in a code of its own. Flip on cruise control and let this one carry you off.

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