[video] Angel Olsen – “Tiniest Seed” and “Sweet Dreams”

Two new videos from the country-folk star.

- Jan 3, 2013

Country chanteuse Angel Olsen has dropped two awesome new videos, for the smoky, sparse “Tiniest Seed” and the psyche-tinged “Sweet Dreams.” Both are collaborations between herself and Randy Sterling Hunter, Ashley Connor and Zia Anger, three other filmmakers. Here's the press release describing their process:

“Two songs were written and recorded in Chicago and then sent to Vienna. There they were translated into a film score. The score was mailed back across the Atlantic and then interpreted using a hand-wound 16mm camera . . . The final version is the documentation of an epistolary-exchange lasting nearly a year . . . an attempt to sync the unsyncable and our experiment at reconciling the space between us.”

That is confusing! But whatever they did was worth it, because now we've got two of our young year's most lovingly crafted videos, from the same stunning artist. Watch “Tiniest Seed” below, and “Sweet Dreams” over at NPR.

“Tiniest Seed”

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