[video] Toro Y Moi – “Say That”

Getting funky in nature's embrace.

- Jan 2, 2013

He may have spent most of his new album's video budget on standing in front of a private jet, but Toro Y Moi is still keeping us captivated with the relatively simpler “Say That.” Toro aka Chaz Bundick takes to the countryside to slothfully grooves and pose along to his tune, slow-zooms and wry nonchalance adding to the video's ironic yet infectious fat-headedness.

Much like the dapper Bundick in the bucolic scenery, there's a charming theme of mismatched elements that runs throughout the song. Club-crashing, black-lace sexy, even buzzing and paranoid, in less talented hands it could have been a mess, but Bundick's confidence makes it work. His reliably airy falsetto skips over thumping percussion like they're stone platforms on a river, all of which eventually gets swallowed up in a bruising, white-water rapid rush of a house-inflected hook. It's all so damn stylish that when Bundick ends it with a repeated coo of “She's alright, I'm alright, we're alright, we can't go back,” he doesn't sound anything but sincere.

Toro Y Moi "Say That"

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