[video] Sky Ferreira – “Lost In My Bedroom”

The indie pop songstress looks bored and beautiful.

- Jan 2, 2013

Sky Ferreira's Ghost EP was a mishmash of different trendy genres that was either meant to speak to a musical age of increasingly divergent influences, or was simply the work of an artist too immature to settle on one. But no matter its driving forces, it's hard to deny the release's occasional-if inconsequential-loveliness. After batting around pop and country, Ferreira returns with “Lost In My Bedroom,” a cobweb-draped synth-driven submerged in gloomier Rokysopp melodies and Skinny Puppy industrial. Unfortunately, thanks to Ferreira looking as gorgeous and as bored as possible under a VHS lens, the video also highlights the label-driven calculation that sometimes bleeds through and mires her music.

Sky Ferreira - Lost In My Bedroom" (Official Music Video)

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