[video] Hooray For Earth – “Never / Figure”

A man set adrift wanders into a crappy CGI fantasy world.

- Dec 19, 2012

That 9 to 5 grind, right? It's incessant, is what it is. Sometimes you just want to get into your car and just drive, drive till you hit a mid-range CGI void and maybe get teleported to another dimension. Or maybe you just get into a car accident, if that's your way of relieving stress. “Never / Figure” is one perpetually nonplussed teacher's story of life, and maybe death, or something. The themes fit the vaulting Hooray For Earth track, it's just a shame that they're so unpleasantly rendered.

The “Never / Figure” single is out now.

Hooray For Earth - "Never / Figure" (Official Music Video)

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