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[watch/listen] Wavves release new song/video “Sail To The Sun”

Nathan Williams stays in the past.

- Dec 12, 2012

Maybe I'm getting older. I couldn't stop thinking that throughout hearing “Sail To The Sun,” the latest single from Wavves. Hell, if Green Day still has a market, songs about slacker ennui and frustration must ring true for some subsection of youth. But it's also possible that Nathan Williams is running out of ideas. On King of the Beach he showed that pop-punk didn't have to be puerile, and marked him as an artist concerned with progression (compare it to his debut Wavvves, schackled by a timidity masked in lo-fi). At least, he was at that point. Right now Wavves hasn't moved or even refined its sound or persona much, and between the Life Sux EP and “Sail To The Sun,” it's all starting to sound a bit tired. His newest single can't compete sonically with his best work, or sadly enough, even the newer bands that are actively sourcing his image and music. Perhaps Williams was content to rage against himself, but he's not making his problems sound compelling enough for us to care much longer.

The video shares this tepid rebellious spirit. A hypocritical preacher that does drugs and parties with prostitutes? C'mon. You can turn on the news and hear worse shit about the clergy.

The new, untitled Wavves album will be out next spring via Mom + Pop.

Wavves - "Sail To The Sun" (Official Music Video)

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