[video] J Fernandez – “No Luck”

The things people will do for a new poster.

- Dec 6, 2012

Usually when I find myself watching game shows in the middle of the day, something's gone horribly wrong in my life. But not today! Clips from several shows appear in a video for J Fernandez's quaintly pretty bedroom pop song “No Luck.” The song sounds a bit like Department of Eagles recorded in a bachelor apartment closet during a long, lonely winter. Moments like hearing Fernandez wail “No Luck” over a commiserating saxophone and a gut-punched organ give the images a cynical perspective, positing the contestants as thrashing blindly against a looming tide of despair. At least they'll have a BRAND NEW KITCHEN SET to help them through.

Fernandez's collection No Luck & Olympic VIllages EPs is out now.

J Fernandez - "No Luck" (Official Video)

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