[video] Autre Ne Veut feat. Mykki Blanco — “Counting”

Scrub up.

- Dec 6, 2012

“Counting” serves both as a video for Autre Ne Veut's hyperventilating R&B tune with Mykki Blanco, and a pilot for “Buzzband General,” a HOT NEW reality series where indie stars become nurses. I started that sentence as a joke, but now I think that could actually work. But what's going on past a million dollar show idea? The song is a plea for more time with a dying relative, though the tone could easily be mistaken for heartbreak. The verses shimmer with dynamic pop instrumentation, 808s high in the mix, and eventually segues into a supremely anxious raved up chorus that darkly bursts onto the track like glitter at a wake. But Blanco's verse feels clumsy and tacked on. It's clear from that he knows what an emotive rap song should sound like, but his impressive musical acuity fails to bring anything to the final product.

Autre Ne Veut's Anxiety comes out via Software on February 26th.

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