[video] Twigs – “Weak Spot” + “Breathe”

Two new videos from a potential voice of 2013.

- Dec 5, 2012

With an incredible pair of songs, a jarring digital and real-world presence and an abundance of masterfully diminishing mystery, Twigs spent the past year quietly building the groundwork for a 2013 that's almost certain to be partially defined by her remarkable R&B. And she's rounding out her stellar year with two new videos that serve as both an exclamation point on 2012 and blueprint for the future. Visually, “Weak Spot” is a companion for “Twigs” that maintains its erotic digital glitch until giving us our first on-screen glimpse of Twigs, who stars in “Breathe” to beat a car about with a hammer. They're both very different songs; on the industrial, menacing “Weak Spot,” Twigs whispers insidious misdirections like a voice you can't seem to flush out, whereas on “Breathe” she approaches the spurned, conflicted emotive crests of Bat For Lashes. Both help cement Twigs' versatility while making her self-titled EP one of the year's most consistently engaging releases. Get it now.

“Weak Spot”

Twigs - Weak Spot (1 of 4)


Twigs - Breathe (3 of 4)

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