[video] Elliphant — “Down On Life”

Guest starring The Best Dog In The World.

- Dec 3, 2012

Elliphant's back with “Down On Life,” and the Stockholm MC's got a crew behind her for the massive tune. Her high-fashion entourage pouts on horseback across shorelines and poses in and on any structure that will have them. It's all a bit calculated, but you can't deny that they look great, and that's the point of most pop star music videos, right? And Elliphant aims to be a star; the song itself is Santigold with the pop instincts underscored, and the melodies of a dubbier jj adding a hint of breeziness. It also has some of the most brazen fake patois I've ever heard. I don't know how I didn't notice that before. Thanks, Obama.

Elliphant "Down On Life" (Official Music Video)

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