[video] Holly Herndon – “Movement”

A couple crazy-fit dancers get digital.

- Nov 29, 2012

It was only a matter of time. They've finally developed an app that's sexier than most humans. Holly Herdon's “Movement” video sees two ridiculously sculpted human beings engaging in some stunning dance moves, while a hand swifts them away like an disinteresting iPad app. Here's what director Mat Dryhurst had to say to Pitchfork about the concept:

“We conceived the video for 'Movement' with China in mind. Parallel to the kinetic, circular movement of the track, we considered latent movements and how China is often evoked in conversation as some invisible threat.

It often reads like a horror story; jobs are 'stolen' from American communities, Chinese manufactured products look exactly like domestically produced products, yet like insurgent entities are often discussed with an air of suspicion and dread.

In opposition to that suspect mindset, we set forth to produce a moving image in intimate hi-fidelity, inspired by the grace and power of Chinese Olympic legend Guo Jingjing, master filmmaker Jia Zhangke, and the elegance and futurity of Joyetech e- cigarettes.

We were so fortunate to work with two future humans in their own right: Pei Ling Kao, a decorated Taiwanese contemporary dancer and choreographer, and Nathan Ng, a model and MMA fighter. The video is very much a product of San Francisco and we are proud of that.”

I was pretty much on the money, then. Movement is out now.

Holly Herndon - Movement [Official Video]

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