[video] Flying Lotus – “Tiny Tortures” (starring Elijah Wood)

The guy from “Flipper” CRUSHES it. Do I smell a comeback??

- Nov 29, 2012

If a screenplay has a role with for a grown man with the face of a sad teen, Elijah Wood is any director's first choice. And since there are few things more distressing than losing a limb, Wood's powers are put to good use in the surreal clip for Flying Lotus's “Tiny Tortures.” Inspired in equal measures by FlyLo's lucid dreams and landmark anime Akira (though this has much less screaming), Wood escapes his dire reality with the help of drugs, dreams and newly acquired psychic powers, all constructed in with breathtaking and sumptuous CGI wizardry.

Until The Quiet Comes is out now via Warp.

Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures (taken from new album Until The Quiet Comes)

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