[video] Yo La Tengo – “Before We Run”

The indie champions come back big. For them, anyway.

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- Nov 15, 2012

On January 15th, Yo La Tengo return with Fade, their first album in three years, and if you can stop shaking from excitement long enough, you should watch their new video for “Before We Run.” Director Emily Hubley turns a picture of a tree into a living screenprint with bright colour bubbles slowly fading in and out. It's kind of like you've pressed the balls of your hands into your eyes really hard and entered a staring contest with the biggest piece of wood in the park. For their first album-cut in three years, Yo La Tengo have made a song that's simultaneously massive yet still isn't desperate for your attention. Despite the sweeping horn and string sections, it's still cozy and intimate thanks in part to Georgia Hubley's sweetly mumbled vocals. It's the work of champions who know they've still got it, which bodes very well for the full album.

Yo La Tengo - "Before We Run" by Emily Hubley

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