[video] Wiz Khalifa feat. The Weeknd – “Remember Me”

If it's a sex party with The Weeknd, you know there's going to be a lot of great legs and running mascara.

- Nov 14, 2012

Everyone's held rapt by The Weeknd's grimly erotic R&B, but Wiz Khalifa's managed to enter that world for himself in “Remember Me.” The harrowing track gets the video it deserves: hot women kissing each other at a bizarre sex party in a mansion with scenes of grief and disillusionment in every room. Wiz is part of the fun too, I think, getting a suit tailored, which might be an allusion to his Taylor Gang, or maybe sex parties are renowned for their suit making.

Wiz's O.N.I.F.C. is out December 4 via Atlantic. The Weeknd's Trilogy is out now.

Wiz Khalifa - "Remember You" Ft. The Weeknd (Official Music Video)

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