[video] Teen Mom – “I Wanna Go Out”

Teen courtship rituals are even cuter with dream pop.

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- Nov 13, 2012

You might have to comb through a lot of unrelated and interminably dumb shit in your Google search to find any info on Teen Mom, but they're worth it. Their new single “I Wanna Go Out” is a cut of supercharged dream-pop, pairing crunchy distortion and gamely falsetto that captures the tumult of youth as handily as the video. The clip takes place in some kind of junior high soiree and follows two coy teens as they make eyes at each other and eventually fall into some dancing/groping.

Teen Mom's Mean Tom EP is out November 27th on Analog Edition Records.

Teen Mom - I Wanna Go Out from Merlin on Vimeo.

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