[video] Sufjan Stevens – “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

Take a tour through your strangest holiday memories.

- Nov 13, 2012

For me, the most exciting part about Christmas parties was always the stuff that went on after I was put in bed, the stuff I'd have to spy on from the kitchen or outside the living room window to get a glimpse of. Watching these looser, freer adults was always strange and captivating, and the video for “I'll Be Home For Christmas” attempts to repaint these bizarre moments that bloom annually when grown-ups and the holidays converge. A little girl runs through a series of surreal tableaus while Sufjan Stevens belts out the most achingly sincere Christmas standard rendition yet, ripe with longing and love. Maybe this year, watching your uncle's drunken speeches about Libertarianism won't seem so dire.

Watch below, and stream Stevens' massive Christmas collection Silver & Gold after.

“I'll Be Home For Christmas”

Sufjan Stevens - I'll Be Home For Christmas

“Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas Volumes 6-10”

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