[video] Scott Walker – “Epizootics!”

No shortage of disconcerting images in the legend's latest.

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- Nov 8, 2012

Reclusive avant-garde soothsinger Scott Walker is soon reentering the world of the living. Bish Bosh, his new album, comes out December 4th on 4AD, and you can watch the video for “Epizootics!” below. It's almost presciently creepy, like we're getting hints of sights and sounds from a horrifying future. Stark, beautifully composed and densely symbolic images leer down through the monitor, marching only to beat of Scott Walker's surreal, demented lounge-singer catuerwaul. I almost feel like going to church for the first time in fifteen years. Watch below:

Don't know who this guy is? Read our Primer on Scott Walker here:

Scott Walker - 'Epizootics!'

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