[video] Sufjan Stevens – “Mr. Frosty Man”

Zombies tearing your family apart - it's what Christmas is all about.

- Oct 24, 2012

We all lost sight about what Christmas was really about long ago (we really need to find that Peanuts Christmas Special DVD), but Sufjan Stevens remembers, and the answer is claymation zombies. In his “Mr. Frosty Man” video (directed by Lee Hardcastle), a family is beset by radioactive zombies, and a chainsaw-and-shotgun toting snowman is their only hope for survival. Despite the hilarious gore and, uh, reanimated dead, it actually follows the spirit of the Frosty The Snowman story pretty well, i.e., a bunch of ice teaches a kid to live again.

Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas 6-10 is out November 13th via Asthmatic Kitty.

Sufjan Stevens - Mr. FROSTY MAN [official video (18+)]

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