TOPS throw a star-studded party in “Double Vision” video

The Montreal band has cooler friends than you.

- Oct 18, 2012

As we learn in the video for TOPS's “Double Vision,” The Montreal music scene is not only talented, but tight-knit as well, making it a nightmare if you're still hanging out with that one kinda-racist guy from ninth grade that you can't seem to shake. Mac Demarco, Doldrums, and Cadence Weapon all show up for a party with TOPS, clearly stoked despite the distorted VHS's best attempts to obfuscate the images. The smooth dreamy-pop goes well with the fun which has little to no context, allowing you to create your own gossip for this critically-acclaimed friend circle. Did Mac ever forgive Cadence for stealing his girl during Pop Montreal last year? Why won't Doldrums just hurry up and make a move on Shirley? etc etc. Grab Tender Opposites on Arbutus right here.

TOPS - Double Vision Home Video

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