Death Grips and Galen Pehrson collaborate for insane “True Vulture” video

After showing you their dick, Death Grips are exposing their mind.

- Oct 17, 2012

Death Grips aren't in the business of making you comfortable, so you shouldn't be surprised that their animated “True Vulture” video goes places that Saturday morning cartoons tend to shy away from. A collaboration with artist Galen Pehrson for MOCA, it's rubber-hose animation on DMT, an unsettling shapeshifting voyage through a version of outer space you've never seen before. It defies explanation and demands visceral reaction, much like the band themselves.

NO LOVE DEEP WEB is out now, and still free.

True Vulture - Death Grips and Galen Pehrson Collaboration - Art + Music - MOCAtv

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