PANAMA – “It’s Not Over”

Two sexy robbers rob for cash. There's also a baby.

- Oct 4, 2012

Coming this winter to NBC: What happens when a couple of hip young robbers get a nine month surprise?! Norman Kuehle, Katharina Seifurt, and “Baby Chet” star in “It's Not Over,” a trendy new comedy from indie-pop group PANAMA!! When they're not reading cool books or sunbathing, they're sticking up stores and caring for an adorable toddler that just wants to hold that shiny, pretty Glock. Hands off, baby! That's not for you! Each week is a new adventure, both in parenthood and maybe having to kill someone to get their money. So tune in November 2nd, when It's Not Over EP hits shelves via Future Classic.

Panama - It's Not Over [Official Video]

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