Tame Impala – “Elephant”

Dust off that third eye with some jarring psychedelic rock visuals.

- Sep 19, 2012

Tame Impala seem like the perfect guides for an acid trip. They'd help you navigate between macabre intimations of your own mortality and ecstatic revelry, and maybe even perform their chugging psychedelic rock single “Elephant” as they do in their new video. We catch the gurus of transcendent Australian rawk in the studio, shot on what looks like a kaleidoscope with LSD and death on the brain. If you stare closely enough at the searing neon colors and refracted, swirling textures, you might just see your future self, holding a worm-eaten apple and speaking the names of your grandchildren backwards. Maybe. Lonerism is out now on Modular.

Tame Impala - Elephant (Official Video)

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