Ben Folds Five parties with Fraggle Rock in “Do It Anyway” video

Mischief! With puppets! Crazy, right?!

- Sep 17, 2012

Turns out that Ben Folds and his non-threatening indie pub-rock is a perfect match for the Jim Henson company's Fraggle Rock. Characters from that show everyone but me got to watch as a kid get in on a studio session with the Nerd Bard, showcasing some impressive piano chops and getting up to all kinds of mischief (obv.) It guest stars Rob Cordry as a studio engineer, and makes me wonder how many 30-40 year old make comedians have a weird felt boner for puppets.

The Sound of the Life of the Mind is out now.

Ben Folds Five "DO IT ANYWAY" f. Fraggle Rock [Official Video]

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