Twin Cabins – “Lakelove”

The bedroom pop artist gets transported to a glossy beachside romance.

- Sep 10, 2012

Mexico City bedroom pop artist Twin Cabins doesn't write airy lovesick tunes for nothing, he is genuinely sick with love. He's tired of looking for love in the stupid real world, as the object of his affection in the “Lovesick” video lives inside the TV. So he pulls a reverse Purple Rose of Cairo and steps into the television set (because you can probably do that now with the right flatscreen), and enters into a dreamy beachside world and a doomed whirlwind romance with his starlet, which is for the best because they have zero chemistry anyway.

Twin Cabins' debut album I'm Sure is available for PWYC download at Bandcamp. “Lakelove” isn't on it. I'm not sure where it is. Ok see ya.

Twin Cabins - "Lakelove" (Official Video) from Jason Lester on Vimeo.

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